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then you must continue reading now, because you absolutely cannot afford to not know about the secrets I’m about to reveal to you.

Hello affiliate! My name is Matt Haslem, and I’m an affiliate marketer just like you. I’m sending you this message today because a few years ago I discovered I was falling victim to some terrible commission and profits stealing problems that afflict affiliate marketers. …and you’re probably losing more of your affiliate commissions and profits than you know too. I’ve been affiliate marketing for a quite a while now, and if you’re like me, you’ve got web sites, e-mail lists, and advertisements for products on ClickBank through Adwords. You’ve invested a lot of time and money to learn and develop your affiliate marketing business:

So, whether you’re just beginning to experience affiliate marketing success, or enjoying great financial rewards from it, you may be shocked to know that…

…I guarantee you… …You’re leaving the majority of your commission income and profits on the table!

That’s right I said the majority of your commission in income and profits may be lost right now. You spent a lot of time and money to acquire the knowledge of, invest in the setup costs of, and execute affiliate marketing plans. So I know you don’t want to throw away the majority of your reward for your efforts. After all that’s what we’re in business for; to earn commissions! Why would I share my secrets with you?

Frankly, the reason why I’m sharing this and making this offer to you today is because there are two things that…

· Affiliate commission theft · Affiliate marketers not getting the commissions they’re owed

It’s really true and it drives me mad crazy that we affiliate marketers are off promoting products, working our tails off only to have commission thieves come in and steal what we have worked so hard to get. It’s also a maddening fact that many of the sales that should have been credited to us are lost by a potential buyer bypassing our links and going directly to the sales page of the product owners.

When I started as an affiliate marketer I learned early on that there were really only three things that you needed to be aware of for success in affiliate marketing; traffic, click through rates, and conversions. Of those three things it was my belief that the only factor that I was able to control was traffic generation. So the majority of my efforts were spent SEO, Adwords, creating review web sites, doing article submission, and building my e-mail lists. After I got all of my affiliate marketing systems in place and I built some pretty healthy traffic to my web sites. I was doing regular e-mail list promotions and beginning to make some pretty good money. But little did I know there was still something holding me back… The fact of the matter was, my ads weren’t getting clicked enough. And if they were not getting clicked I was losing commissions. I was truly excited about this new affiliate marketing success… but I was clueless to the amount of sales and I was actually missing out on.

Like many marketers, early on, I was trying everything including some techniques that would be considered by Google as "Black Hat." And like many marketers online, I too feel the heavy hand of the Google.

In less than one month, I saw my web site traffic drop… Read more…

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