Auction-O-Matic Auction software

Auction-O-Matic Auction softwareClick To Visit Site…Instantly Create Professionally Designed Looking , Action Grabbing Auction Ads In seconds But Best of all …

… they are all designed to sell your products like crazy and … you don’t have to spend months like I did, learning complicated HTML and Javascripting or even hiring an expensive copywriter!

Here’s a bold promise. Five minutes from now you will be able to create a knockout, ready-to-go advert, fully ready to post at online auction and … has all the powerfully tested sales elements that most eBay winning Ads have!

You know those adverts that look like they have been created by a real Pro? Nice pics, good layouts etc. I have created a real cool, cutting-edge program that will give you top-agency looking Ads at the smallest percent of the price and … it really is a one click and go program!

Forgive me for sounding over excited but it is going to save you hours of time time, a ton of money that you could have paid to an Ad copywriter and … stop you having a load of hassle trying to write and produce auction Ad’s in front of your computer screen, hour after hour.

It has everything a Premium Ad would have. It is in the words of one of our users…

"Auction-O-Matic is something every serious eBay seller needs to have! It’ll save you time, energy and effort – and that’s just the beginning of it all.

A person doesn’t need to know a think about HTML, and that just amazes me. With the push of a few buttons, anybody out there can have top-notch looking eBay Auctions. " Renown Marketer Frank Garon,

You don’t have to be a programmer, Ad writer or anything kind of techie in the slightest. If you can use a keyboard and a mouse you WILL be able to use my program, its a cinch!

In fact before I go any further let me quickly show you my mighty little, time saving, cash making tool and then, I’ll tell you a little more. So easy …

Just 3 child-like steps and your red-hot, action grabbing ad’s are ready to load up live or save until you need to use them again. Let me show you…

Click on view advert. Result: Superb looking advert in seconds that creates faster sales!

Now if you are an online auctioneer I am sure you understand why I’m getting so excited!

NEW FEATURE: Automatically saves your full advert to your hard disk for future use and the touch of a button

Automatically creates interactive pop up windows for 6 more ‘super-size’ photo’s you have uploaded to the Internet

Automatically changes the paragraph alignment, font colors, font faces, font cases for every area of your listing

Automatically "copies" all of the code generated to your computers clip board so all you need to do is "paste" the code into eBay (or any other online auction site)

Automatically allows to you to preview your finished advert before submission in a browser window so you can check everything looks just right

I just wanted to congratulate you on your new software… absolutely no programming skills are required. It was easy to download and even easier to use. AND the ads generated by Auction-O-Matic are top notch. Keep up the good work. Brett Pieratt

Buy it, try it and if you hate it … ask for your money back. I personally … LOVE IT!

" Let me tell you the quick story of how and why I created Auction-o-Matic and why it became a "must-have" tool in any online auctioneer box of tricks "

I am just like any other… Read more…

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