CbproADs.com – The Best tool kit for clickbank affiliates.

CbproADs.com - The Best tool kit for clickbank affiliates.Click To Visit Site…Please visit Clickbank.com and sign up for an affiliate account for free.

Clickbank is an online payment processor and is the Internet’s largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web’s most popular products are sold every day. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or promote digital products, ClickBank is for you. ClickBank is now used by more than 10,000 Internet businesses and 100,000 affiliates to deliver products, such as ebooks and software, instantly over the Internet. If some one has a digital product or service to sell, they can register as a publisher at Clickbank. Clickbank publishers can leverage over 100,000 of ClickBank’s affiliates to find customers for their digital products and thereby multiply their profits. At the same time Clickbank is also used as one of the core resources to generate cash flow for any one, as a Clickbank affiliate. Clickbank affiliates are Internet marketers who earn commissions by promoting Clickbank publisher’s products. Every Clickbank publisher has to offer a certain percentage of their product value as the commission to affiliates, when they publish a product. ClickBank affiliates can earn commissions as high as 75%. Clickbank offers its affiliates 50-75% commission on almost on their publisher’s products. For each sale, the commission is credited in to affiliate’s Clickbank account INSTANTLY by the Clickbank! Clickbank has a fast & accurate tracking system and a dependable payment service.

We are the ONLY site in Internet today offers IMPROVED (redefined) Clickbank Ads. Please click here to see the difference between a normal clickbank and our redefined ad.

You must first sign up for your FREE Clickbank affiliate account. If you have not yet signed up for a Clickbank account, please click HERE. During the signup process you will select your Clickbank ID. Your Clickbank ID is your unique ID that allows Clickbank to accurately track and award the commissions you earn.

The website owner has to pay about $50-$100 to purchase the script rights.

You have to install the script on your website by yourself (Requires administrative skills).

You don’t need administrative skills to use our service. Just copy & paste our few lines of code to your web pages.

You have to update your ads with the Clickbank marketplace’s data every day using those scripts.

No action is required from your side once our code is pasted on to your web pages. We will update Clickbank’s data automatically for you.

In most cases, script vendor can’t help you or won’t help you, if any error occurs on these scripts as post sales support is not an important issue for them.

All scripts are hard coded with the current structure of Clickbank’s data and it won’t be able to handle the changes made by Clickbank to its structure in future.

We make changes to our script whenever a change is made by Clickbank to ensure an uninterrupted service.

The ads are from Clickbank Marketplace’s raw data which are mostly non-informative to the out side world.

The ads that we display are redefined for leveraged performance. Please click here to see the difference between a normal raw Clickbank ad and a CbproADS redefined ad.

You have to bear the expenses of traffic bandwidth generated by the ads.

We don’t charge extra for bandwidth charges incurred by your site.

If you don’t have a site or a blog, still you can make money through us. You will be given your own fully indexed and completely searchable Clickbank Marketplace Website (StoreFront) by us. This is a very promising website for any one those who want to make money with Clickbank… Read more…

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