Contest Domination – The easiest way to run contests on WordPress.

There is no easier way to setup and run wonderfully effective contests on your WordPress blog or website.

Contest Domination - The easiest way to run contests on WordPress.Click To Visit Site…If you want to run contests and grow your email list like the biggest brands on the internet, then you need to be using Contest Domination – the easiest way to run contest on WordPress, period.

The biggest brands online have been successfully using contests to get huge list growth, but that process has been expensive to setup and a pain to manage.

Using awesome technology shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, we strongly believe technology should just get out of the way and let you do what you’re best at.

That’s why we developed something that’s easy to use and just takes care of the hard stuff for you.

With Contest domination, there is no need to dig into code and setup a database. Or waste your time with setting up the right social buttons…

We know that easily integrating into the worlds best email services can be a pain, so we made it simple. With just a few clicks you can quickly connect your contests to MailChimp and Aweber. Don’t worry if you use someone else though because we let you paste in any 3rd party email form too.

We have done our best to work with all kinds of WordPress installations, including many of the most popular Frameworks. The list includes Woo Themes, Genesis, Thesis, HeadWay and more.

If you want to rapidly grow your list using contests, there is hands down no easier or cost effective way than using Contest Domination. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Join our affiliate program and earn a healthy commission for spreading the love and helping people find us.

Contest Domination requires a minimum of WordPress version 3.3.1, MySQL 5 and PHP 5 in order to function properly. Please note that Contest Domination is not compatible with the hosted service. Read more…

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