CTR Theme – The Ultimate AdSense Theme

CTR Theme - The Ultimate AdSense ThemeClick To Visit Site…CTR Theme (for WordPress) makes it easy to build informational websites monetized with AdSense that get awesome click-through rates (CTR). AdSense provides hands-off recurring income, but usually these sites leave a lot of money on the table by having bad designs or underoptimized ad placement.

Google AdSense representatives occasionally contact high-earning websites to recommend ad placement improvements. CTR Theme implements the Google-recommended placements that have helped niche sites earn over $4,000 per month (and sell at auction for as much as $80,000).

With a single click of the button, you can choose to randomize ad placements between the Google-recommended positions. That means every time a visitor comes to the site, the ad layout could be different. This minimizes "ad blindness" and results in improved click-through rates (CTR).

No more messing around with theme files or hunting for the right plugin to place your AdSense code or adjust theme settings. CTR Theme’s admin panel makes short work of these tasks.

CTR Theme is optimized to load super fast, helping to reduce visitor bounce rates. With site load time now being used as a ranking factor, you’ll never have to worry about your site getting hit with a Google performance penalty.

Don’t want that DMOZ editor to see ads when they come to your site? Block dmoz-referred traffic from seeing ads. Get initial momentum at StumbleUpon by hiding ads, then display them when traffic is pouring in… you get the idea.

Don’t want all your information sites to look the same? CTR Theme includes 5 proven, effective designs that highlight your ad placements for maximum click-through rates.

Want to integrate your Social Networking Pages? CTR Theme includes 13 Social Networking integration from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and much more

Want to create a custom search engine with Adsense Integrated on Search? Use CTR Google Search Widgets. Create your Google CSE and use the CTRTheme Search Widget to have your site Google Search enabled. Make Money on Adsense on search results.

Don’t want the hassle of buying the theme, buying hosting, setting it all up and configuring the options ? Simply buy one of our our hosted CTR Theme plans – starting from $4.99/month and get CTR Theme free for your account. Just plug in your content, stick in your adsense code and kick-start your Adsense $$$ earnings today !

Get latest versions of WordPress, CTR Theme, best in class security plugins and performance plugins. All software is configured and tuned for working smoothly together. Get automatic upgrades of all installations (keep your sites secure and safe from vulnerabilities). Use a single dashboard to manage up-to 50 sites together. Leaves you free to focus on fresh and unique content !

The idea behind CTR Theme is to make it dead easy for you to build an army of high-earning AdSense sites. If we charged a fee for each installation, that would kind of defeat the purpose, right? Install it on as many domains as you want.

By itself, CTR Theme is a steal at $67 — it will save you development time and improve earnings on your existing sites or any that you build in the future. But we’re sweetening the pot by throwing in a bonus and a guarantee.

Order a copy of CTR Theme, and you’ll also get the e-book "AdSense Link-Building Secrets," which offers a comprehensive (40 page) walk-through of the tactics for successfully building links to your AdSense sites. Less-thorough e-books have regularly sold for $97, and this book is a GREAT deal when it… Read more…

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