DriverFinder™ – Driver Update Software for XP, Vista & Windows 7

DriverFinder – Instantly Updates Windows PC Drivers

DriverFinder™ - Driver Update Software for XP, Vista & Windows 7Click To Visit Site…Did you know that a whopping 97% of all PC problems are caused by missing, corrupt or outdated device drivers? The following is a quick list of PC problems associated with old PC drivers.

To solve the above PC problems, you most likely need to download new device drivers. However, not just any driver will do. You need drivers that will suit your computer’s brand and model, and your operating system to a ‘T’.

Not experiencing PC or hardware device problems now does not mean you don’t need new drivers. If you have outdated drivers without realizing it, then you run the risk of NOT benefiting from new (and better) features that the device manufacturer has made available for your use!

Device drivers are little software programs that communicate between your PC and your hardware devices. So it’s extremely important that you have only the most recent drivers installed on your PC!

But why update drivers the old-fashioned, uber-time-consuming, error-prone way when DriverFinder™ gets the job done for you in just about 2 minutes?

With THOUSANDS of device drivers in its database sourced 24/7/365 from HUNDREDS of different device manufacturers, you’re bound to get the most updated drivers that your PC needs in just a few clicks.

Highly-intuitive interface enables you to scan, download, update and install drivers to your PC without fuss.

Uses complicated interface. Disadvantage: You feel you need to go through a ‘tech course’ to use the application.

Accurately detects your PC brand & model, and ALL hardware devices connected to it, including unplugged devices such as your USB webcam, MP3 player, and more!

Misses some of your hardware devices. No support for unplugged devices. Disadvantage: You miss out on updated drivers intended for these overlooked devices.

Supports 50,000 unique hardware devices at most. Disadvantage: You miss out on updated drivers intended for your PC and/or driver ‘updates’ provided to you are old.

Uses a unique combination of (1) automated crawlers, (2) electronic driver file analyzers, and (3) manual checking by computer professionals BEFORE driver files are added to our database!

Uses substandard technology or applies a very manual way of finding and cataloging drivers. Disadvantage: Slow database population. Plus, this is prone to incorrect driver classification. If you download and install a driver NOT suited to your PC, this may cause your system to crash.

Employs 24/7/365 automated crawlers and analyzers. If there’s a driver update out there, we’ll be the first to know about it!

Once-in-a-while, irregular updates; weekly checks at most. Disadvantage: The updates you get are ‘old news’.

Driver downloads are sourced from manufacturers AND relayed over our hi-speed data storage infrastructure. Data storage proudly serviced by Amazon Web Sevices.

Driver downloads are sourced only from manufacturer web sites. Disadvantage: If the driver manufacturer (e.g., HP) is down, you don’t get your driver. Also, a lot of driver files are HUGE. It may take a long time to download them to your PC.

Fully compatible with all Windows OS versions, including Windows XP (32- and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit), and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).

Most will not support 64-bit systems; one or two may support Vista 64-bit. Disadvantage: Windows 64-bit systems require 64-bit drivers. Period. If the update tool does not support your 64-bit system, the update tool is useless.

Comprehensive. Includes KnowledgeBase, online manuals, license support, FAQ and email support. Plus, we apply a 24-hour guaranteed response time for all correspondence!

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