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Drop Ship Lifestyle — Own a Drop Shipping Business TodayClick To Visit Site…1.  Most paid “drop shipper directories” are SCAMS!  They are simply middle men who collect your payments while offering you access to products that you can usually buy cheaper on Amazon or eBay.  Do NOT fall for their clever “newbie attracting” advertisements.

2. Cheap items are not worth selling online!  You are likely to make the same profit margin on a $7 item as you would selling a $700 item.  If you are making a 30% profit margin that’s $210 profit instead of $2.10 profit FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF WORK!

3. Beautiful, highly converting websites are now FREE.  When you use a hosted eCommerce platform you have access to hundreds of newbie friendly templates to choose from at no cost to you.  I’ll show you how to set them up.

4. You do NOT need to throw money into advertising to find customers.  Over 80% of internet users have purchased something online and the eCommerce industry is expected to reach $1.4 TRILLION by 2015.  There are millions of online shoppers and lots of free and creative ways to get them to your store that I’ve been using to funnel buyers into my stores for the past seven years which I share on this site.

5. It’s easier than ever to automate drop shipping eCommerce businesses.  You can now install “apps” on your eCommerce store that will automatically send orders to your drop ship suppliers and then send tracking numbers to your customers.  The days of sitting in front of the computer for hours on end are over.

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Want to read what people are saying in the Drop Ship Lifestyle forums?  These posts are very inspirational and I’m extremely proud of everyone who has shared them with me.  Check out some of the recent conversations by clicking here.  

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