Etsy Marketing App – The Shop Marketing Helper for Artists

Etsy Marketing App - The Shop Marketing Helper for ArtistsClick To Visit Site…Since we started using this App our traffic and sales have doubled and beyond…this should be a no brainer for etsy sellers.

This tool is something I recommend highly. As you can see my item views went way up, one of the items I promoted was featured in a treasury just a few minutes later, and I made a sale of a promoted item.

Ive been trying to use a few different sites/programs to do this, but none of them are really easy or user-friendly and certainly dont let me schedule posts ahead of time. This is such a great service for us Etsy sellers.

Great tool that makes it easy to schedule promotions in advance, something that frees up your time to create instead of being stuck at the computer. I’ve noticed a direct increase in sales since I started using it. Read more…

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