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Are you struggling to make consistent money online…or struggling to make any money at all?

If you’re brand new and haven’t made a serious attempt yet, is your brain sore from trying to learn everything the so-called experts say you need to know?

Either way, is your wallet sore from buying a bunch of stuff that hasn’t paid off, while you’re just about to drown from information overload?

I wish I could say that wasn’t normal, but it is. Most people are so frustrated or cynical about Internet business that they either quit or get bitter. It makes perfect sense – all they’ve seen is confusion and failure.

Well, get ready for all of that to change for you! I’m talking about waking up every morning and seeing your email inbox full of emails like this:

Relax. I’m not going to hit you with psychobabble about you how need to "take action" or "just do it" or anything like that.

Thinking positively is a great thing to do, but gosh, how positive can you be when you’re working yourself to death and you’re not making any money? It can be tough to stay positive without seeing some success, no matter how small.

Everybody’s at least a little different, but from all of my years of teaching, I can say pretty confidently that it boils down to only two simple things:

It’s also not about finding some gimmick that’ll disappear like all fads do sooner or later, usually right about the time you start making money.

If you don’t have that, you’ve got nothing. All the fancy tools, all the seminars and ebooks, all the effort …without a plan that consistently pays off, you wasted your time and money on everything.

If you’ve tried and failed, it’s because you didn’t have a plan like that, or you didn’t execute it (maybe because it was too complicated). If you’re brand new and you start on the wrong path, you can wander around in the weeks for years, get frustrated and quit before you cash in.

The simple truth is that I know what you feel like. I’ve been there. And…here’s the important part…I’m not there anymore.

It’s been quite a while, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was drowning in credit card debt. I had spent years of nearly sleepless nights (at 3 a.m. after I got home from work) trying to figure out how to succeed.

I wanted what you want. The only way I got it was to filter out the noise, find a simple plan that worked and pound on it until I achieved success.

Once I figured out "the secret" (more about that in a minute), I started to succeed. Not just a little bit either. I’m talking about huge success, to the point where the press have run stories about what I’ve achieved…

I don’t say any of that to boast. Remember, I struggled for years. I wasn’t a genius. I had zero clue about Internet business when I started, other than thinking it sounded great.

I also almost drowned from information overload, just like you. And… Read more…

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