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Build muscle lose fat with 31 Fat Loss Accelerators workouts you can plug into your current workout program to break any fat loss plateau. Weight training exercise will burn fat and help you gain muscle. Get rid of stubborn belly fat. | Fat Loss Accelerators

Fat Loss Workouts - Fat Loss AcceleratorsClick To Visit Site…“Hi, I’m Kate Vidulich, Exercise Physiologist and creator of Fat Loss Accelerators. My fat loss programs and workouts have helped hundreds of people lose up to 27 pounds in 8 weeks, training less than 2 hours a week.

I’m a scientist so I have spent the last decade researching, testing and obsessing over the most effective, time efficient methods for accelerating fat loss in a safe, affordable way. I hold an Honors degree in Science, majoring in Health & Exercise Science from the University of NSW in Australia.

In fact, I have discovered a highly addictive combination of exercise that accelerate fat loss results and designed over 31 different fat loss workouts that only require one weighted resistance, a small workout space and your body.

From getting high-powered executives motivated to lose 33 pounds in 9 weeks to reshaping bodies of moms for family beach vacations, I’ve spent the last six years helping hundreds of men and women transform their lives and bodies. My advice has been featured on blogs such as Turbulence Training Fat Loss, Exercises for Injuries, Workout Finishers and in Reader’s Digest, Shape Magazine plus other worldwide fitness publications that helped thousands of readers just like you, break through frustrating plateaus that were slowing fat loss.

I wasn’t always lean and athletic looking. In fact, I actually used to be in terrible shape. Throughout college, I spent years on the evil, dark side. I drank excessive amounts of alcohol, stuffed myself with sugar and trans-fat laden fast foods and skipped workouts, which destroyed my physique, confidence and self-esteem. Basically, I had EVERY unhealthy habit on my resume and I was making myself sick.

Just like you, I was ashamed of my body and hid behind oversized clothes for many years. I drank loads of beer, ate fries, banana bread and devoured Haagen Dazs ice cream. But my favorite snack was candy. Anytime of day – I munched endlessly on sugar. This serious addiction was controlling my life. I never took responsibility for my grumpiness and my wild mood swings constantly irritated my family and friends.

One hung over morning in 2009, I saw the scale tip 182lbs – this was the moment. I had officially reached my heaviest weight. This was a major turning point in my life where I had to make a change, or I would develop Diabetes.

It was officially over. I set a goal to lose 30lbs before Spring of 2010. I was determined to do this or die trying.

But it was so tough. I really struggled initially. My first workout was so difficult; I clearly remember I couldn’t run for 3 minutes without stopping. As I was running into the wind on West Side Highway, my knees were aching and I could feel my body fat wobbling with every step.

I was totally disgusted in myself. I felt so ashamed as I remembered how I athletic I was in my younger years.

This was my rock bottom. I thought I would fail again, as I had many times before. Like you, I tried the latest gym classes, elliptical, fat burning supplements and detox fad diets, which was terrible! After one day, I was so hungry I accidently ate a whole pizza. Certainly, I thought I was destined to be fat forever and it was my own damn fault.

At this stage, I faced my two options: fail again, or switch it up a gear into hardcore, fighter mode.

My methods for fat loss training were far from pretty, more like downright torture at times. I… Read more…

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