How to Be an Affiliate Marketer – Affiliate Marketing Guide

Want to learn how to be an affiliate marketer? Check out this step-by-step guide for making money with affiliate marketing…

How to Be an Affiliate Marketer - Affiliate Marketing GuideClick To Visit Site…In fact, I don’t really believe in accidents. Things happen for reasons. You’re here for a reason; you wanted to make money on the Internet. And that’s a good one.

But now, I want you to forget everything you’ve ever learned about starting an online business on your own. Forget everything you know about affiliate marketing.

So let cut through the bullshit, shall we? I’m sure you’ve heard some of the affiliate success stories from across the web. You’ve also probably heard about how ordinary folks are making millions with affiliate marketing.

You almost consider yourself a failure. You’re just one of those people who doesn’t have a life, friends, and is probably rejected even at McDonald’s…

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound harsh, but I’ve seen pretty much "everything under the sun" in this world of cut throat competition. Yes, this is the era of cut throat competition where the slow in the race are crushed ruthlessly.

I’ve seen blood and guts spilled out all day, every single day. I’ve seen many hopes, I’ve seen many dreams wither and die.

The U.S. Small Business Administration has seen lots of small businesses come and go very fast. According to the SBA, more than 90% of small businesses fail in the first five years.

That’s not just another statistic, my friend. It’s a fact, and it’s one that we can’t change.

Tell me, did you start your own business just because you wanted to make a lot of money? Do you think that if you had your own business that you’d have more time with your family? Or maybe that you wouldn’t have to answer to anyone else?

I’m guessing that you’re just one of those people that burn cold. You know, like you didn’t do well with your date last night so you just gave up on everything.

Because I’ve been an affiliate marketer for over six years and I have seen it all before. I know all the lies told by the so-called "Internet gurus."

Most of the affiliate marketing gurus work on the strategy of baffling you by striking your sentimental chords with the promises of making you a millionaire within a short span of time. Almost all of us have come across those offers promise a "set-and-forget" system for massive affiliate revenues.

You buy Guru A’s "Instant-Millions" product. You eagerly dive into the material; dreaming of a better life. You work hard for many weeks. Then you give up in frustration because you haven’t made a single sale…

You know what I’m talking about… The Internet is crowded with so-called ‘gurus’ trying to sell their ‘proven’ systems and programs that promise the moon and deliver nothing but frustration. I bet you’ve been scammed by these con-artists before haven’t you? They taught you that Affiliate Marketing is as easy as clicking your mouse and that you can make money all by yourself in just a couple of hours learning, right? Well, as I’ve said earlier, you’re not the only one…

I’ve been scammed by some ‘experts’ who promised much, but delivered nothing.

I’ve even been duped by those who told me I can earn a huge pile of cash simply by filling out surveys!

And so, I kept losing money buying and selling ‘extraordinary’ products until I just got sick of it and decided to make a HUGE, DRASTIC change.

No money, no jobs, no nothing. Simply broke. Hi, my name is Steve Scott. About seven years ago, I was fired from my job. I thought I had it all… Read more…

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