17 thoughts on “Link Magnets The Most Powerful LinkWheel Alternative – Simple Way To Get Top Google Rankings”

  1. Hi,

    For the Link-Magnet “Platinum Type”, could I use 5 different target page urls and a different keyword for each one?

    Thank You,

  2. The service is still working and still rocking till the moment and we are now using the Latest Senuke X Stratigies.
    Sorry Discounts are available for bulk orders only!

  3. Yes this offer is still available and even much better using the Latest Senuke X Templates and Stratigies

  4. Hi,

    Interesting article. Are you still providing this service ?
    If so, how many guaranteed backlinks are delivered in each package ?
    Could you give a discount for not including the Angela links in the packages ?

  5. i am little confused here, lets talk about gold plan – if you are creating 30 web properties , how many main web 2.0 you will create. i have the course. you can edit this if you want to and contact me on my mail for further discussion.


  6. Can you please let me know if you these offers to create ( Link Magnet Packages), are still available?

  7. Ok Sir,
    I will contact you now and for the turnaround time ok we can handle it as fast as you wish.

    Softble Admin

  8. I have contacted you sir,
    Yes bro i followed the same structure in the magnet diagram except for the number of spokes am doing 5
    spokes instead of 4 and am doing multiple mini-wheels instead of 2 (Starting from the
    silver plan)

    If you need more help please feel free to contact me at any time.

  9. Hi,

    what’s your current turn-around time?
    I’d need the platinum package, but I’d need it done by end of the week — ideally roll out one after another as it’s for a promotion starting next week.



  10. Hi M.Issa,

    I’m thinking of trying out your Link Magnet Outsourcing Service, but I have a question. Can you tell me how many mini-wheels are included with each package? I assume the Bronze package comes with 2 mini-wheels since the diagram in the course has 2 mini-wheels with 4 spokes in each. But I’m not able to draw any conclusions about the number of mini-wheels included in the other packages.

    I’ve been considering hiring someone to create Link Magnets, but your service seems to be what I’m looking for. For me, it’s a lot easier to outsource to someone who already understands what I need. If everything works out, you’ll have a long-term customer in me.

    Based on the previous comments, I see you don’t want to disclose any details contained in the course. So, feel free to respond to me privately via email or edit my comment as you wish.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  11. Hi Jophan,
    I am a member of DP from a very long time but nowadays its moderators are so bad and are dealing in a very bad manner with my services. They have deleted my service and sent me an email including the following cause “Inappropriate / Disallowed Post This type of service is no longer allowed”. So, I will continue offering my own service over my site here.

    Anyway, I have respond to you there but the linkwheel structure now is dead and most of the pages using it get a Google ban or slapping but with the Link-Magnets Structure your site is protected with a strong web 2.0 shield. So, your site will be protected from this type of Google slaps.

    I can not describe how it is built as it a copyrighted material as I mentioned in the post above.


  12. I am a member of DP and saw your thread about link magnets yesterday. strangely, it is not there anymore. apparantly, it is deleted, but the question is why?

    anyway, I had asked a question there, I wanted to know what the exact difference between a link wheel and a link magnet is. or put in other words, what is the difference between a link magnet and a free blog/web 2.0 page with only one link in it pointing to your main site and having some backlinks?

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