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Live - The Traffic PlayerClick To Visit Site…The WordPress plugin installed easily. Making videos right within your WordPress allows you to make salespages, squeezepages and minisites more quickly.

Using streaming video on my blogs is always a pain. Even when it works it doesn’t look good. AND I pay for an expensive video membership just to get my videos coming out looking “okay”.

Until now. The Traffic Player is just on another level. Whether you’re making videos for your sales pages, for your affiliate sites or blogs, this tool allows you to easily churn out videos that look professional & sharp – no tech skills required.

I have always been a major advocate for using Amazon S3 to stream my videos. The cost was low and the quality of your video was not damaged because of a possible strain on your bandwidth at high traffic times.

At the same time I’ve been telling anyone who would listen, NOT to stream their videos from YouTube because of how your video looks and someone is easily taken off your site and sent to YouTube if they clicked on the video. That simply steals traffic from you and gives to YouTube.

Plus the YouTube logo in the corner of the video made it look less professional – in my opinion.

NOW….Your Traffic Player Video plugin for WordPress is a major game-changer! Now I can host my videos on my YouTube channel and stream to my site at ZERO COST, not just low cost – but NO COST!

Plus your Traffic Player Video plugin has eliminated the problems I mentioned about streaming videos from YouTube. NO accidental leaving your site if they click on the video – more professional looking…

All the current (& future) functionality you have added makes this a no-brainer, must-have tool for any online marketer.

“Hey Mark, just want to say thanks for making a video player for the non-video-techies like me. I know I need to do more video marketing, big honestly the seemingly steep learning curve that was associated with the currently available video players out there made me hesitate.

What you have done with your video player has completely evened the playing field so that even even I can very easily create a totally killer video to put on my site almost instantly. And leveraging Youtube was simply a brilliant move! Read more…

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