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Magic Affiliate SalesClick To Visit Site…I set that post up the day before a promotion of John Thornhill’s One Month Mentor coaching program and because I used my tried and true SEO methods I went straight to the top of Google’s Page One.

If you look at the third result down you’ll see that I even beat John’s own sales page!

It really isn’t hard to get results like this but how many times have you read the stories of the gurus who tell you how they literally wasted years and thousands of dollars trying to get their online businesses off the ground and trying to make money before they finally cracked the “secret code” to success?

But you can spend hours, days, weeks, months even years trying different things and getting absolutely nowhere and spending heaps of your hard earned cash along the way.

A 9 step program to success that will allow you to jump ahead and start making money right away, not in years, simply because someone showed you how to do it the right way, the first time!

You don’t need to create a sales page, or pay for marketing, or worry about how to setup shopping carts to accept payments or even worry about refunds! It’s all done for you.

Every year everyday people make everything from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars as affiliates. The trouble is most people fail to make anything other than a few dollars simply because they don’t know what they are doing. They don’t know how to find a great product or how to actually sell it. They miss out on huge amounts of commissions because they don’t know how to tap into the right places and get the right traffic, nobody has shown them how.

It really is a very simple process but there are a couple of problems that make this seem very hard.

There are literally millions of products for sale on the internet. How do you sort through this mind blowing amount of products to find something that will not only sell but earn you a decent affiliate commission? How can you tell whether other people will actually want to buy it? Where do you even start looking?

If you can actually find a product worth promoting then what on earth do you do with it? How do you let other people know about this product, how can you convince other people that they need to buy the product so that you get paid.

Let’s say you have managed to find a product that you think might sell, you’ve written a review on your blog (if you already have one, if not – help!) but nobody actually reads your blog because no one can find it amongst the billions of web pages out there.

It seems so impossible it’s a wonder anyone actually sells anything on the internet. No wonder people say you’ll fail, that you’re wasting your time, that you’ll never make a dollar on the world wide web.

Well let me tell you that you can find products that are already selling very well with excellent affiliate programs that will pay you very good money. These products have all the work done for you – the publishers have spent plenty of their own money getting them established and out there in the market place.

These products are already popular, people in the thousands are searching for them and want to buy them. They literally have the money, have their credit cards ready and want to… Read more…

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