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Online Income Breakthrough is a new, step-by-step training manual that shows anyone exactly how to make money at home online, the smart way.

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Like most people, you’ve probably been raised to believe in the traditional ‘work-ethic’, which maintains you must work hard to get a ‘good’ job, and work even harder and for longer hours to get promoted in order to earn more money. You’re also made to believe that you can only be paid according to the number of hours you work, or the number of products or services you supply.

The vast majority of the population are only too happy to buy into this, because they just want to earn a living in the ‘normal’ way, just like their parents did, and the generations before them.

Let’s face it, most people just want to go to work and get paid at the end of each month, watch TV, watch the football, go shopping, get drunk now and then, take a holiday once a year, and then collect their pension when they’re too worn out to work anymore.

Most ‘successful’ people nearly always end up paying a high price for their ‘version’ of ‘success’. They often work long hours under pressure to achieve tough targets, suffer work related stress and worry about job security, etc. Most folks perception of ‘success’ is fake! So what is real success? Well, I think Christopher Morley, the American journalist, novelist and poet gave a very good definition when he said: "There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way." In other words, real success equals FREEDOM. So let me ask you a question…

I know I’m probably going to upset a few of the so called ‘internet marketing gurus’ when I say this, but I really don’t care, and anyway, I think you deserve the HONEST TRUTH…

Having read, studied and tested hundreds of ‘earn money at home online’ type books and dvd’s, it seems to me that most opportunities’ fall into one of two categories:

Low paid, time consuming work, such as make money online surveys, tutoring jobs, data entry jobs or selling household items on eBay. OK, I like the idea of working at home, but I didn’t just want a job or just to make spare cash at online auctions – I wanted to make real money and to be in control.

And so on and so forth… Get the picture? They are giving you just ONE part of a jigsaw and expect you to go away and make up the rest of the picture by yourself!

If you DO believe there’s a better way of earning a living in this day and age, how are you going to feel in 5 or 10 years time when you STILL haven’t figured out how to do it yourself and STILL keep reading about how these slick marketers earn money while they sleep, drive around in their luxury cars and take exotic holidays at the drop of a hat?

Meanwhile, you are still in the SAME job, still in the SAME traffic line, still suffering the SAME boss, still with the SAME prospects, and still clinging on to the SAME but now fading dream of breaking free of your daily grind.

This simple-as-ABC system is clearly presented using straightforward instructions, pictures and diagrams, so you can follow it easily, at your own pace, without having any technical skills.

Sure, you need to be able to use a computer, operate simple programs like a word processor and search the net… Read more…

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