Make money online developing for 3d chat sites

Make money online developing for 3d chat sitesClick To Visit Site…One of the most time consuming things as a texture artist is making a good stock base of artwork you can use in your projects. While nothing beats creating your own textures many of us are time limited, have not developed the skills or have purchased the software necessary to make great textures. On this page I’m offering some of the many hair textures I have created.

I lead you buy the hand on how to become a developer at IMVU and give step by step instructions on how to change textures using the download pack. I have created links direct to the best selling hair meshes on IMVU, this saves you lots of time, looking thru the catalogue for them. I also have links to hair tweaking tutorials, not only learn how to change to your own unique colours but also learn the art of making your very own hair textures.

There are more than 500 hair meshes in the catalogue, do some math, 500 textures, 500+ meshes, many use two or more different hair textures so you can mix and match, and then when you start hueing the colour… there is an almost unlimited amount of hair designs you can make from these. But Wait there’s more! And its better than a free set of steak knives!

My Top Selling Accessories and Clothing Textures & Opacity Maps! More than 20 original items you can recreate Click Here To Preview

500 Hair Textures + Easy Eyes PSD + Catalogue Icons + Easy Tutorial + Clothing And Accessory Templates

Hair is sized in 256×256 plus 128×128 format PLUS I have made basic catalogue icons! ( 500 of each! ) Available as a single 23 meg zipped file

Plus you get my Hair PSD File!!! Yep make your own hairs its SUPER easy, I have the shines, tips, wavy effects and 25 natural base textures, all setup layered in a psd file for you. Just select a texture, choose a shine and adjust the opacity to match, add tips or a wavy effect, save. How Simple Is That!

Buy instantly online orders are processed by ClickBanks secure servers, "Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM." you can use all major credit cards or a Paypal account if you have one. The hair Textures plus bonuses are in a zip file which is about 10megs, once you have paid you can download immediately. Total cost is $25 USD BUY NOW

Creative commons licence is used, which means in short the images can be used to make items for IMVU and other 3d avatar chat sites, you hold the rights to anything created from these textures. Base textures can not be lent, given or sold or stored online. Read more…

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