Make Your Own EBook Covers Package

Don’t pay too much for designers or over-priced action scripts. Use free software (GIMP) and our detailed walkthrough to create your own 3D ebook covers.

Make Your Own EBook Covers PackageClick To Visit Site…I sent him competitor products so he could see the theme I was going for. I even ended up sending him some graphics to use. After four or five attempts, I got something that didn’t look terrible, but it cost me a lot of my time, and over $50!

So, I downloaded GIMP. It’s free graphic design software, as powerful as Photoshop, but without the $300 sticker price!

I played around with GIMP, bought books on how to use it, and got better at it, but I couldn’t get the 3D Covers to look the way I wanted. I searched the internet, and found NOTHING that told me how to make what I wanted…a good-looking 3D ebook cover.

That’s when Alex entered the picture. I knew my friend Alex had done some graphic design before, and was an incredible artist. I enlisted his help, and in a few months together we figured out all the detailed steps to create really great-looking ebook cover graphics. It occurred to me that as hard as I had looked for a good tutorial on how to make these graphics, I bet there are people LIKE YOU who could use this information, too.

Once we could recreate a professional-looking ebook cover every time, we documented the exact steps taken. We took screenshots, we wrote down exact settings, and we listed out all the resources we used (like where to get license-free graphics).

Neither of our wives had any experience with graphic design…especially not on a computer. So, to bullet-proof our new guide, we had them sit down with it and walk through step-by-step. I’m not gonna lie…we hadn’t documented well enough the first time around. We watched where they stumbled, and added clarity to make a tutorial robust enough for a complete beginner.

So, we took anything that could be useful to someone creating their own ebook cover, and stuffed it into the "Make Your Own EBook Cover" package.

I love that last one! Instead of paying someone else to make a mediocre cover, I show you how to find people to PAY YOU top dollar for your graphics! In fact, we made 3 videos to demonstrate how to make money with "Make Your Own EBook Covers".

With the "Make Your Own Ebook Covers" package, you’ll be able to create professional covers quickly, using free software…and you can do it over and over again!

Watch four videos that expand on the 65-page PDF guide, as well as extra videos that provide design tips.

That’s 2 hours of videos for you to watch the entire process step-by-step, and see quality design touch-ups in action! These videos are available in our special Members-Only site.

The latest addition to our template collection is the Spiral Bound EBook Cover. You get the template file, and a tutorial video that explains how to take your 2D cover image and apply it to the spiral notebook. All of the features, like perspective shadow, the highlighting, etc., are already provided. Even the rings themselves cast small shadows, giving a very realistic 3D effect. And it’s so easy to apply your cover to this template!

We give you the tools to make professional-looking covers. If you have a designer’s eye, you can take it and run with it.

But some of us aren’t gifted at design and layout. Which is why we give you several templates with specific instructions on how to use them. Some are so simple, all you have to do is edit the title!!

You know those cool-looking, glossy, rounded buttons that you see everywhere on the web? (Like the… Read more…

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