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Surveys And Friends Is Unique! Learn How To Get Paid For Your Opinions. Learn Also How To Get Paid For Surveys Answered By Your Friends.

Paid Surveys And Friends - Get Paid For Surveys - Paid Opinions - Get Paid For Your OpinionsClick To Visit Site… is a unique training site that since 2005 has provided the exact steps and best advices to individuals of all ages on how to get paid for their opinions… and their friends’ opinions!

We are not a market research company conducting surveys and paying consumers for their answers, but a team of market research experts that will point stay-at-home moms, retired citizens, students, unemployed and anyone wanting to earn money from home… to the ethical, legitimate, high paying survey panels on the Internet.

Surveys & was designed to be a one-stop shop that trains you on how to make a supplemental income with your opinions, guides you on which surveys panels are really worth your time, educates you on how to earn money with your friends’ opinions and provides a unique solution to accelerate the way you earn money.

If you are new to paid surveys you should first know that every year big and medium companies spend over 30 billion dollars on opinion research to get into the consumers’ heads. Savvy marketers use surveys to monitor consumer needs and preferences. It’s why people like you and I are invited to give our opinions on various topics and this information is used to develop their marketing strategies.

Because they need to know what consumers want very quickly and because very few people will volunteer this information for free, corporations are willing to pay for our opinions. It makes perfect business sense to them and it’s a great opportunity for you and me.

"Companies spend millions of dollars to produce, market and launch a new product and they can’t afford to fail. So it’s well worth it for these companies to pay consumers who fit their target market to test their products. Opinions are needed and it can be much more than just a penny for your thoughts."

"Depending on the topic, length, location and schedule individuals can make between $30 to $300 for participating in these focus and research efforts. Depending on the nature of the research and time involved on the researcher’s part, some may even be paid more than $300."

"A former investment-bank employee who was laid off gets paid to shop, eat at restaurants, drink at bars, travel and even play golf. In one month, she made nearly $7,000 from her various consumer evaluations."

We have been in the paid surveys business since 2005 and we have helped tens of thousands of people earn money with their opinions since then. We have explored all the possible ways of earning money in this industry. Six years later, we came to the conclusion that a new approach is needed because times have changed and only for the better!

You can still earn money the traditional way with nothing else but your opinion. However, in the Facebook era, paid surveys can be taken to new heights if survey takers are properly instructed and equipped with a solution that removes any roadblocks in their way.

Surveys & Friends is fresh and powerful because it reveals the most guarded secret about making money with surveys and because you will be empowered with knowledge, tools and privileges that guarantee you will earn money online!

If an extra $100, $200, $400 per month (or more) can help make ends meet… this is exactly what you have been looking for!

I don’t blame you if you are skeptical because there are so many scam artists on the Web that will promise you the moon and give nothing substantial in return. But that’s not the case… Read more…

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