Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0 – Double Your Affiliate Commissions In 3 Minutes Flat!

Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0 - Double Your Affiliate Commissions In 3 Minutes Flat!Click To Visit Site…Renegade Clickbank Super Affiliates Finally Decide To Level The Playing Field & Give You Access To Their Covert Software That Will…

Force Any Affiliate Site To Build Your List, While Protecting Your Hard Earned Commissions From Thieving Scumbags – Resulting In More Leads, More Sales & More Money In Your Pocket!

You deserve proof, so in order to prove that we "walk the walk", we took this screenshot from one of our Clickbank accounts, just as we sat down and started writing this letter.

But this is not about us – It’s about how YOU can achieve stunning results in affiliate marketing, by implementing these simple yet powerful strategies and this super easy to use piece of software…

Introducing The Ultimate Link Cloaking Software That Will Not Only Protect Your Commissions, But Also Increase Your Conversion Rate & Build You A Massive List On Complete Auto-Pilot!

If you are looking for a proven, easy to implement system, for creating a reliable income as an affiliate marketer, this may very well be the most important letter you will ever read!

You don’t have to create a product, design or host a website, deliver content or worry about customer support.

All you have to do is grab your affiliate link, send traffic to it… and you get a cut of any sales you make.

They end up with nothing to show for all their hard work… except for a lot of wasted time, maxed out credit cards and nasty finger pointing from frustrated family members.

Fair warning though… We’ll have to get up on our soap box, because first we have to kill one of the rampant myths of affiliate marketing.

That’s great because link cloaking is important – after all we’re going to recommend our new link cloaking software to you in a bit.

They think the reason they are not making any sales is because of commissions thieves and people hijacking their links to get a personal "rebate".

We know where this comes from… There are a gazillion marketers out there trying to shove the latest link cloaking technology down your throat, using scare tactics like…

Commission theft should be the last of your worries, and it’s certainly not the reason why you should use a link cloaker!

Low life scumbags who will try to purchase the product from their own affiliate link, in order to score a rebate.

But it’s not a huge problem (remember the BS scare tactics) and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

When someone clicks on your hoplink they can’t just replace the nickname with their own. They have to actually go back and reconstruct the original hoplink

If they are determined to get a rebate, a cloaked link won’t stop them, as they are not "stealing" the commission on the page your are sending them to.

Just rejoice in the fact that Clickbank actually takes a tough stance on this and will ban these scumbags 🙂

At best a cloaked link will hide the fact that it’s a Clickbank product and deter all but the most persistent thieves

We do know that the main reason for cloaking your links is to make your links pretty and entice people to click them.

It’s the massive amount of people that will dismiss your message outright, because it’s so blatantly obvious that you are trying to sell them something.

Our tests show that using a link like that will consistently double your click through rate, and thus your commissions!

Using your own custom links will help you gain the trust of your prospects, create curiosity, brand your promotions and generally increase… Read more…

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