Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software

Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping SoftwareClick To Visit Site…He is also the founder and publisher of InnovationTools.com, the world’s largest website focused on innovation, creativity and brainstorming.

"The tips, strategies and resources make this an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to expand their use of mind maps."

"I was completely blown away. The articles and best practices shared in the new case studies are just awesome. I highly recommend this book to anyone who uses mind mapping software."

"Chuck’s new e-book is the most thorough resource on mind mapping software to date. For those who want a comprehensive guide on this subject, this is it!"

“Chuck Frey has yet again provided the visual mapping community with another groundbreaking reference that keeps on improving with each edition.”

"If you’d like to stand on the shoulders of giants, then this is money well spent. The hours you spend with this e-book will be returned many-fold."

"Chuck Frey’s ‘Power Tips’ provides a clear guide to using mind mapping software to manage projects, make decisions and, in general, think more effectively. This is a must-read for all mind mappers."

"A very thorough review of mind mapping software, well laid out, informative and practical. It provides a balanced perspective – it referred to various types of software without specifically promoting one. I also liked the fact that it was not full of all the hype and pseudo-science that often characterizes many mind map publications."

"Your mind mapping e-book has really opened my eyes to what’s possible with mind mapping software. This is the stuff they don’t teach you in the user’s manual. The technique on page 28 alone was worth the price of admission! This e-book should be required reading for anyone thinking of buying mind mapping software."

For years, mind mappers have told me in surveys and feedback messages that they want help. They love their mind mapping software, but don’t know how to unlock its vast potential. That’s why I wrote Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software – to help you to be more productive, creative and successful with this powerful type of business software.

I’m Chuck Frey, author of the Mind Mapping Software Blog, the leading source of news, trends and best practices in the world of visual mapping. Much has changed since the last edition of this book was published in 2007. In writing this 3rd edition, I looked at the existing content with a critical eye, updating those tips that needed it, eliminating topics that aren’t as relevant today and – most importantly – populated it with a wealth of new, practical and actionable information that is designed with today’s programs, applications and resources in mind.

Mind Mapping Applications: 16 valuable ways you can utilize your mind mapping software to gain an edge in your work and personal life.

Mind Mapping Tips: How to get more productivity out of your mind mapping software by using best practices for creating, manipulating and sharing your ideas and information.

Advanced Mind Mapping Strategies: In my role as the publisher of the leading blog on mind mapping software, I uncover some truly remarkable strategies that you ought to know to supercharge your mind mapping skills. And they’re all gathered here, for your benefit!

Interviews: I have interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on visual mapping to find out what they do differently, and why it works so well for them. Now you can benefit from the highly productive techniques that they have developed.

Ask the Experts: I have gathered an informal network of some of the best and the brightest thinkers in the world of visual mapping. From time… Read more…

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