PPC Keyword Tracker WordPress Plug-in for Affiliate Marketers

The PPC Keyword Tracker WordPress plug-in tracks affiliate IDs, anonymizes and appends them to your affiliate URLs when clicked. Know which drive sales.

PPC Keyword Tracker WordPress Plug-in for Affiliate MarketersClick To Visit Site…I am very stoked to be able to introduce you to my new WordPress plug-in called the PPC Keyword Tracker.

Until my WordPress plug-in became available, there was no easy inexpensive way for an affiliate marketer using Pay Per Click advertising and WordPress–to promote affiliate offers–to know what keywords they were bidding on were actually generating conversions/sales. With my PPC Keyword Tracker plug-in for WordPress you will know.

This plug-in is ideal for use with major PPC advertising platforms like Google AdWords and most affiliate networks.

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY my plug-in automatically stores your keywords, anonymizes then passes them as a unique Tracking ID to a Merchants’ affiliate sales tracking software. Now, you will know exactly which keywords are generating sales.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each keyword that is recognized by the plug-in is automatically assigned a correlating Tracking ID, which is viewable in the Keyword Anonymizer Report. Use this report to see which keywords are generating sales!

TIP 1:Try using my plug-in with campaigns or offers you are running that use a hard-coded subid or campaign id.

Currently, the PPC Keyword Tracker WordPress plug-in can store, cloak and anonymize keywords associated with the following types of tracking IDs:

BONUS: I truly believe that my plug-in’s ability to dynamically cloak and anonymize your PPC keywords is one of it’s strongest features. In effect, your merchants won’t get to take advantage of your hard work!

From: http://www.yourdomainname.com/?tid=teeth-whitening To: http://www.yourdomainname.com/?tid=5

You can see that the keyword “teeth whitening” has been cloaked with the anonymized variable “5.” This number 5 is what gets dynamically passed through your affiliate URL to a merchants’ affiliate tracking software.

Here are a few images showcasing the main features of my PPC Keyword Tracker plug-in to help you see how awesome and easy it is to use.

Although the plug-in should work with virtually any affiliate network offering affiliate subid tracking and reporting, I have already confirmed the PPC Keyword Tracker plug-in to work with these affiliate networks

*NOTE: CJ.com only displays SID (subid) when a purchase is made. I think that’s lame, but it is what it is.

Here are a few images showing some of my anonymized tracking IDs recorded by the affiliate reporting software of Major Affiliate Networks: Clickbank, Share-a-Sale, Epic (formerly Azoogle) and Neverblue.

To be perfectly clear, I think it is worth repeating that the anonymized version of your keywords (tracking ID) is what a merchants’ affiliate tracking software will credit with an associated sale. Thus, you’ll know which keywords, tracking IDs and campaigns are generating sales. Now armed with this information, you will FINALLY be able to truly optimize your PPC campaigns down to the keyword level.

If you will be using my plug-in to track you Google AdWords traffic, please be sure to review the correct way to write a destination URL that passes keywords (search queries). TIP: Click on See an example.

I’m a split test junkie and being able to finally have a simple yet effective way of doing this through WordPress was huge for me. I can pass whatever tracking variables I like and best of all my keywords are “anonymized” so the affiliate network cannot steal my best converting keywords. Matching them up from within the plugin’s reporting features is a breeze so I am finally saving myself some time to concentrate on other areas of my business. Eric’s… Read more…

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