Proxy Scraper & Checker Software – Professional Proxy Finder, Harvesting and Cleaning tool

Avery Old Age  problem Finally Got Solved With Proxy Scraper.

  • How do i get fresh proxies?
  • How do i test the proxies?
  • Where can i buy fresh working proxies?
  • How can i get anonymous proxies?
  • Is there an alternative to the expensive monthly subscription sites?

Enter the first fully automated proxy finder with response checker and it`s available today.

We were searching for a proxy finder to recommend to people that were asking the same question all the time but we never could find one. I downloaded loads and even bought some but they were old, not updated, loaded with viruses or just plain didn’t work.

Proxy Scarper & Checker Software
Proxy Scarper & Checker Software

The only one i could find worth using was well over $500 so its not something we could really recommend people buy.

Over the last few weeks some of my underground friends  have been working hard on building a fully automated proxy tool.

  1. This tool will scrape for fresh proxy’s and then go and check the validity and response times. (Proxy Finder & Checker Function)
  2. They added country lookup so you can just choose the country you want for added protection and they even added socks support.

So How could you benefit from that?!

  • Ideal for posting to forums (just load them into that dodgy russian tool every dick raves about ” XRUMMER” 🙂 ).
  • Perfect for link spamming.
  • Superb for scraping the search engines.
  • Especially good for signing up multiple email accounts.
  • No ongoing costs.

With the way people are getting sued for downloading music you even need this kind of thing to listen to your favorite tunes.

Almost everyone i know that uses the internet could now benefit from using proxy’s to mask their identity or cloak their location.

With such a shortage of proxy finding tools they really get in there and make one to help people.

I know you want to know more you could check out more on the official site here

So here is the lowdown and the price.

You could buy it now for $199

But of course Christmas is coming and we wanted to give you a present.

So the price is heavily discounted with a coupon for $100 off!

A discount code that gives you more even more than a 50% discount.

Get it now for only $99 because in January the price goes back up to $199

Start covering your ass now and you can even use the proxy’s for auto posting to forums, blogs and wikis to promote your products.

Here are those links again

Get it Now (discount already applied through this link)

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