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SEO FightBack - Regain Your Search Engine RankingsClick To Visit Site…Imagine… after MONTHS of hard work… of following all the rules… of doing whatever “SEO Wise Men” tell you to do…

But I discovered a solution that not only helped me regain my rankings… but which propelled my sites higher than ever before!

Now I NEVER have to worry about algorithm updates, the latest SEO techniques or Google’s fickle ways ever again.

And in a moment, I’ll show you how you too can not just survive but THRIVE no matter what Google does next.

Because the Penguin and Panda updates are the latest in a long-line of “improvements” from Google.

They’re doing everything they can to weed out internet marketers using grey-hat, black-hat or just plain “old-hat” techniques.

So if you’re using outdated strategies… tired old backlinking methods… or firing up the same expensive (and over-complicated) link-building software each day…

As a customer of his previous product, PR Plunder, I’ve seen the amazing results of his traffic generation skills first-hand.

And that means at one point, I was splashing out $97 a month on one tool…$147 a month on a blog network… $127 per month on a piece of software and on and on.

In fact – I used to spend an eye-watering $2552.00 PER MONTH on software, services and tools just to keep my affiliate sites ranked…

Now, it was totally worth it because I was scooping up adsense and affiliate commissions TEN TIMES the amount I was spending.

The first thing you should know about Michael is… he doesn’t consider himself a “guru” in any way.

Because as you and I know… the top spot means MEGA traffic… and mega traffic can easily be turned into MASSIVE income.

Now, although MY rankings were all over the place,  Michael’s rankings (and those of his clients) maintained their firm grip on the top spots.

And that’s why Michael’s private clients include Fortune 500 companies and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. 

In fact many corporate giants, small businesses and entrepreneurs pay him upwards of $3000 a month to maintain their rankings…

And that’s why I’ve always trusted Michael’s intel… his business lives and dies by RESULTS!

PRPlunder is one of the best WSO’s I’ve ever purchased and your support of it is unparalleled.

For anyone reading this, Mike stands behind his products and is constantly tweaking and improving them so don’t hesitate to buy anything he creates.

Together, Michael and I pooled our research, ranking data and intel and figured out what Google were penalizing and why.

We realized that networks STILL work like gangbusters… they just need to be “Google proof”.

And that revelation enabled us to create a system that ROCKETS money-sites to the top of Google like nothing else.

First, I want you to relax… because if you’re suffering like the tens of thousands of people who got b*tch-slapped by the Panda or Penguin updates…

And to truly understand its power, we need to figure out why your sites (along with thousands of others) TANKED.

And… even if you weren’t affected by the updates, why you need to protect yourself from Google’s next move.

Yes, on-page SEO is a factor but here’s the real reason why you’re slumming it in the Google gutter…

However you’ve gained your links in the past… whether you cranked out articles, paid someone on Fiverr for a link wheel or blasted your sites with black-hat software…

You’re simply a… Read more…

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