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Shh..! Don't Tell Anyone!Click To Visit Site…I am one of the lucky member to test out this wonderful software. Customer support is wonderful. so, you can happily buy this one. This software working well on windows xp and windows7. It is very easy to use. The functionality is very good. Each time, when i test this software to create accounts, I get around 90+% of success in creation and over 99% of success in posting, that is huge. Software supports spinning of articles and you can get the direct live links report for each campaigns As the software is updated regularly with new updates and fixes, you never got any problem in running. Software comes with nearly 10K sites, It will increase furthur too. Scheduling is the key, as we can schedule the campaign for our needs. Software comes with proxy support and captcha support (you can easily integrate captcha account) This is very useful and must have software, very well recommended. 10/10"

…Clyde’s a f*****g genius and has proved it again with this incredibly grunty, yet incredibly simple piece of software. If you are paying for Wiki blast – don’t! Buy this and save some money in the long run. Personally I think he is selling it too cheap, so get it now. All in all, with the great service and unbelievable grunt this program has, I would rate it a solid 10 and suggest you think about adding it to your arsenal of link building tools.

so i was asked to use my famous skillest to beta test this tool. heres how it is: – supports decaptcha – has predefined list of almost 10k wikis and list is growing/beein cleaned up – option to make accounts separate from posting – has scheduler so can run in background and drip feed (!) – has integration with spinning services and can fetch articles on ur keyword without any addons (!) – all links are autopinged right after posting (!) – u get a report so shortly: everything spoken works, its easy to use, stabile and definately worth getting! best and easiest wiki poster on the market id say.

This is yet another rocking product by Clyde !! I tested the software and would say it’s so damn simple. you can have diversity anchor text and it’s includes some nice .gov & .edu backlinks with few click of a button. It’s especially good for lazy backlinkers like me as you have preloaded list in the software ! would say this is SB for wiki !!

As part of the test group, here is my review on WikiBomber! It’s a brilliant piece of software which does exactly what it advertises. Support was superb with someone there to help us at all times. Account Creation and Posting have CONSISTENTLY a very high (90 percentile) success rate. It’s easy to understand even for someone that has never had experience with software of such in the past. Don’t hesitate, this software is well worth the purchase!

Been testing this a couple weeks with the others above and yeah, it’s sweet. I also like that there are a couple new cms/footprints kicking around in the link reports. Always good to see Clyde’s tuned this up well over the last couple weeks and he sounds pretty fired up to continue making it even better.

Was a beta tester for Clyde on this project. Now, there are a couple public pieces of wiki posting software on the market now.. And their performance is lackluster at best. Wiki Bomber took the same concept and turned it into something awesome. For me, scraping and managing lists is a pain in the ass. One of my favorite features… Read more…

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