SilentSalesMachineClick To Visit Site…The first few copies of this book were sold back in 2002 – and as we approach 2014 it’s never been more relevant! The book has been updated seven times and has re-launched to thousands of eager readers each time. Does it work? Check the success stories & testimonials!

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone you trusted gave you a detailed list of what business ideas WORK online and which ones sound nice, but are actually dead ends?

Do you have anyone with a decade of proven online success, a track record of actually helping others earn a lot of money, and a spotless reputation who is being THAT honest with you?

I’ve had multiple people pay me tens of thousands of dollars to learn from me and work with me, and even years later they say things like, “It was the best investment I’ve ever made”.

Thousands pay me monthly to get my advice at one of my two membership websites where I teach what I know about starting and running a hands free successful online business.

If not, you do now. I’ve been that “blunt trusted friend” to tens of thousands of people, and you are next. I’ve learned my lessons, wasted a lot of money, got suckered by the “big launches” and not only lived to tell about it, but I am thriving with multiple online income streams and I’m willing to share what I know even if it means ticking off some of the “big dogs” in the “guru game”.

I don’t hold back in my new book & it’s a measly $5 (and worth easily 100 X that price):

In this book I reveal the TRUTH behind many misconceptions and flat out lies that you’ve been told about succeeding online.

The misguided experts with big followings and their big checks that they like to show off are leading you astray with promises they can’t deliver on. Their POPULARITY and “friendly/fun” instructions will NOT put cash in your pocket!

Ignore this book at your own peril. It’s all that I know from 10 years of MAKING A KILLING online and teaching thousands of others how to build something that gets results. I’m talking about a real business, with real results.

This book isn’t theory, or hype. The ideas in this book have predictably inspired and launched thousands of income streams for the thousands of readers that have downloaded and read it.

Updated and ready for 2013, you’ll be educated, inspired and hopefully prompted to action by this book.

You’ll read success stories, examples, and real world eye-opening truth based not on theory, but on real world, workable business models that you can duplicate.

If you aren’t quite ready to spend your hard earned cash on yet “another book” I can’t blame you. Take 20 minutes and check out the two free chapters offered at the top of this page. If that 20 minutes doesn’t drive you crazy with excitement and make you want the rest of the book, then you can confidently ignore me (for now) and keep doing what you’ve been doing (how’s that going by the way?)

I look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your success story among the piles and piles already shown on this site! Read more…

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