Database Normalization Techniques – Essentials

Mastering database normalization techniques: Essentials for high performance relational databases

Database Normalization Techniques - EssentialsClick To Visit Site…"I’m myself (since 1996) in the data modeling business (OLTP and OLAP, with accent on OLAP for the past 5 year). I own and have read about 30 – 40 books on this topic (practically most of the available and out of print books) and I’m still impressed by your website and ebooks. I like a lot of things about the keynotes and ebooks, what I like most is the balance you have managed to keep between a dry subject / theory and a clear "down-to-earth" treatment of the subject, without sacrificing any of the important aspects. The examples in the normalisation ebook are also very good." Georg Breazu, Senior Systems Consultant, Germany

"I’ve seen good, bad and butt ugly database design books. The database normalisation eBook is in the category of good. It is a concise guide, based on scientific principles and common sense." Philip, Systems Analyst, United Kingdom
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