GeoPimpSlap Review Is it Scam?! – The Internet’s #1 Geotargeting & Geolocation Script

GeoPimpSlap – The Internet’s Number 1 Geotargeting & Geolocation Script

GeoPimpSlap Review Is it Scam?! - The Internet's #1 Geotargeting & Geolocation ScriptClick To Visit Site…So, how do we make our offer pertain specifically to our prospects so that they’ll pay more attention and become more likely to buy?

I asked my friend to give me the script that he was using, but after 5 minutes I realized that my non-techie butt had NO CLUE how to how to use the same script that my "super-techie" colleague was using. Besides, his script was really buggy and it seemed pretty limited because it ONLY geo-targeted people by the city they lived in. So, I tasked my programmer to create a version of the script that #1. Could target people in more ways then just their city #2. Was SUPER easy to set up so that technical idiots (like me) could use it #3. Actually works 97 of the time** **IMPORTANT** Due to the dynamic nature of the Internet; ANY geo-targeting/geo-location script available online (including GeoPimpSlap) will NOT be 100% accurate – 100% of the time. Factors such as the website browser, computer settings, and ISP of the person visiting your site are all things that none of us can control but can have an effect on the accuracy of any geo-location script.The database GeoPimpSlap uses to access & display the geo-targeting location information boasts a 97% accuracy rate. So please allow for some minor discrepencies approximately 3% of the time. To help ensure maximum accuracy, we update our database on a monthly basis. Anyway, I installed the script on one of my pages and ran a split test…
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