Important Announcement! is Gone Forever

I have just got this email from

Hey Issa.

Back in 2005 when Black Hat SEO didnt really even exist we did something special and people were always pushing ahead with experiment to do something new and unique.

It seems now we have come full circle and when i read forums or blogs they are doing exactly what we did 5 years ago but getting substantially lower returns.
They say history repeats its-self but this time they sprinkle a little web 2.0 garbage in with it and think they are pioneers.

I hold my hand up as partly responsible for this disaster because i took my finger off the button and let it happen while i got on with other things to build seperate parts of my business.
Maybe if i had kept on shouting at the rate i was to try and get Black Hat SEO Accepted as a legitimate business i would have continued and it could have been much better.
All those magazine interviews and the fallout afterwards really took a toll on my nerves and when Matt Cutts was using me as an example to train his staff how to ban spammy sites it sort of got a bit much.
But if and would and could didnt happen so whatever.

5 years on and they now call scraper sites `autoblogs` and link farms `linkwheels`, and package it as something they have invented.
I can pull out 50 examples like that.
Maybe there will be another doorway generator comes out with the red-dot.gif and we will really have come full circle then.

Can you blame people for not progressing though when there is nobody pushing ahead?
Please do tell me what sites you read daily to find the bits of information to help your business grow or get started because i have looked hard and what i see just astounds me in pure bullshit and lack of information padded out with thousands of words.

I did have a daily reading list but its dwindled over the years and i just cant find anything worth replacing it with.
<—edited out because i took a cheap shot at some faggy ex stars that fell by the wayside and that was wrong —->
Others just faded away, got bored of sharing or maybe just grew up, got too dambed busy making money to share and write anything.
Good for them if they did.

As i look around the information is spread far and wide with many forums just calling themselves black hat forums but they still dont seem to do anothing real.
I cant really explain what i mean but it seems this industry got so much bigger and as it did people just  lost abilty and focus for whatever reason so nobody seems to really `get it`.

Yeah the internet has got bigger and there is this twitter and facebook thing which allows people who really shoudnt be publishing things on the internet to have a voice.
Maybe because there is so much noise out there the voices that should be heard just dont get through the static or they get lost in the crowd but to be fair now i have written that it makes perfect sense because if they cant get through the noise they dont have what it takes.

This was a short email to say is now and because we have the old ssl and new ssl on the same server some of the redirects dont work properly.
If you get warning saying you are entering an insecure site it dosent matter because 99% of the sites on the web have no ssl anyway so just click ignore.

I have started ranting so i will continue.
Anyway back in the olden days i had all these plans to do this and that and build syndk8 into something huge but i sort of got sidetracked for half a decade building my business and making moniez so i never really got chance.

Things are different now and i have quite a steady and solid business which will allow me to put some time into syndk8 like i wanted to before.
Some knob head guru said something like “if you help people around you get what you want, then you will get what you want”.

Yeah, yeah i know i have said things like this before but this time its not just me.
I wont say i have a great team behind me because thats just wrong and they arent behind me.
They are upfront with me pushing ahead.
Neek, Schneipp, Fatbat, Bryan, Nuls, Tarquin and some other stars.
We have worked on lots of different projects together and between us we can launch out things in weeks that a corporate company would take 5 years over.
The best thing is what we push out makes good money and pretty dambed quickly.

To cut a long story short we have loads and loads of stuff coming that if you follow what we tell you and actually try and learn something along the way.


Dosent matter if you are a complete newb but of course if you are a idiot we still cant help you.
If you are patient and follow the systems we put in place for you, then you will see the bigger picture and be able to stand alone and build a good income.

This time its personal.

Earl Grey (boomark it and visit it every day because we are about to take you on a wild ghay adventure)

Earl`s Bio;
Was a pretty famous Blackhat SEO and Internet Celebrity, flourished in the middle of the noughties, faded away for a while and now HE IS BACK!

What do you think?!!