The Social Networking Academy – Attention Smallbusiness Owners

The Social Networking Academy - Attention Smallbusiness OwnersClick To Visit Site…If you have something worthwhile that you want the world to know about but don’t know how to promote it, then this could be the most important message you’ll ever read.

And it’s about to blow things wide open to create a new generation of super hero brands and businesses.

You know you’ve got something of value – a talent or a service that others want. Maybe it’s you. Your business. Your product. Your book. Your cause.

And you sense that social media is a great way to get seen online. But you’re not sure where to start.

Even worse, you see people who are less qualified or less deserving than you using social media to overtake you. Stealing the limelight. Leaving you in the shadows. And all because they have an online publicity plan.

Maybe you’re too busy elsewhere. You’ve too many other things to do to stop and look at marketing. And there’s no-one else to delegate it to – not yet anyway..

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Social media is a foreign language to you. How to learn one social media platform, let alone all of them. And – wow – then you’ve got to link them? No way!

Maybe you can’t find customers. Or know off the top of your head their true value to your business. What it costs to find them or keep them?

Maybe you can get them to your site, but you can’t get them to convert. What’s putting them off? Your price, your offer, how you treat them? You’d ask them, but no-one’s talking to you!

have a daily plan of exactly what to do to launch your super hero brand Up Up And Away. You can even automate some of it – so you set it, and forget it!

can change direction in a single bound if you have to, thanks to expert advice on what’s new in social media (and there’s ALWAYS something new!)

have customers and fans all over town and enjoy a reputation that means people like you before you even walk in the room (or fly in the window)

are recognized for your ‘super powers’ and authority (because you know exactly what to claim, and how to tell your story)

develop and grow your brand because you spend less time firefighting IN the business and more time ON the business uncovering its true potential

achieve the freedom to enjoy work and home as you should. To save the world, AND be back home in time for dinner? Awesome!

My name is Jo Barnes. I’m the founder of The Social Networking Academy, a comprehensive online video training Academy for individuals and small to medium sized businesses that want to create and grow successful businesses using the power of Social Media.

The Academy has been voted the No 1 Social Media product online by IM Report Card – an independent ratings site. And those votes (I’m truly honoured to say) come from regular people, just like you, who have tried and liked what I have to offer.

Not only is it an award-winner, but it’s also profitable. Meaning I get to invest back into the business and into you guys my customers.

And – perhaps best of all – it’s a friendly place to be. Every two weeks we have a Live Q&A webinar and the facebook support group is always busy as different people in different time zones ‘log on’.

1 in 3 small businesses are using it. And 58% of businesses saw a drop in marketing costs by moving to social marketing

Google+ is Google’s social network and… Read more…

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