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The Wordbay WordPress eBay Plugin - The Word BayClick To Visit Site…If you are a member of the eBay® Partner Network, then you know that for all its quirks the eBay® affiliate program is still a simple way to make good money online for not a whole lot of work. eBay® is niche heaven – CHOCK-full of products of every possible description, just sitting there waiting for someone to promote them.

Plus eBay® is a highly-optimised sales machine and visitors you send to eBay® eventually buy something a very high percentage of the time, even if it’s something you never even promoted, bringing you additional commissions!

Wordbay is a plugin for the WordPress blogging platform. You ARE using WordPress, right? Wordbay allows you to insert eBay® listings, taken from the eBay® RSS feed, in any page or post on your WordPress blog, using keywords that you can laser-target to your blog’s niche, and add your EPN campaign code to start making money from every visitor you send to eBay®. Wordbay is also used by eBay® sellers creating sites to showcase their own products, since Wordbay lets you display listings just from a given seller, or even a different seller on each page.

Yes, that is Wordbay in action! You can close your mouth now – it does look just that good! And the real beauty is you can TOTALLY customise the appearance of your eBay® niche listings by creating your own Smarty-based templates for a completely unique look.

Wordbay has been under constant, ongoing development since 2008 – get on board now and get free updates for life. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

“I love this plugin, after looking around a number of weeks for a plugin that could load ebay listings into my WordPress pages I was amazed with the power and simplicity of Wordbay”

“Great job on the plugin which has served me well all the time i have been using it – somewhere in the region of 2 years on about 20 sites…”

“… thank you for making what appears to be such a powerful tool. It looks like exactly what I’ve been needing.”

“Wordbay is a great solution for not only maximizing the potential of the eBay partner network, but also for displaying relevant and interesting items to my visitors – keep up the great work!”

“I have been using the Wordbay Plugin for a while now and it is fabulous. I tried a few others but gave up as they were too technical and didn’t deliver and I always experienced some angst with them. Thankfully I found your fabulous plugin and with the instructions and examples that you provided with them you made it so very easy and also possible for me to work on a few sites. Thank you so very very much!”

Come on then, how much is it? Last time I looked, one major plugin of this type had a LOT of features, but also cost a LOT, another cost less but didn’t look to have been updated in a while.

All I can say is, get the plugin now for this price while you still can! You get the full Wordbay plugin package, plus:

*No, this is not some marketing trick – Wordbay sold for $57 prior to February 2012, but I am promoting it with a special price until I have finished writing some new features, then the price is going BACK UP! If you buy now, you will get the new features for FREE when new updates come out!

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