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Wicked article creator is the ultimate article building tool with an article builder, spinner and cleaner. The power of 2 softwares in 1

Wicked Article Creator - Article Builder, Spinner, Cleaner - All In One  -  HomeClick To Visit Site…No matter what we do we always get stuck when it comes to cheap content. Want to do a quick Senuke blast or want to do an AMR blast ? But do not want to go and spend another $10 to buy content ? Ok no problem… I will just use the one which was used the last time. And here is your problem. You see each set of a spun article is supposed to be used with a maximum of 2 blasts and 1 if you are building more contextual links. But the laziness gets in the way and you often lose your rankings to simple algorithms.

What if you could just build 10-12 highly spun articles ( Where each article can give you thousands of unique content) and then use them for over a week with different softwares ?

What if you just had to pay $6-$7 per month to be able to build countless number of such articles on any keyword ?

What if i give you a software which is so perfect that you would never have to buy content for link building tools or private blog networks ?

Now if you say that a mere blogger post is powerful then please close this page, and if not then tell me where do you get content for performing the blast ? Do you use the same old content generation softwares ?

Well in simple terms :- WAC will search 22 article directories for content and then retrieve content which has higher quality source. Then these articles are split into single lines. Actually here you can decide whether to build content from paragraphs or from lines.

If you want very well readable articles then use paragraph spinning from Article Scraper module or if you want highly spun content use lines spinning in WAC Main module.

Consider having a VA (Virtual Assistant) who writes 3-4 articles and then spins them on word level. He then spins all the lines from these articles with one another making a very highly spinnable article. But does he spin images, videos and titles for you ? Will he create hundreds of about me and author bio variations for your link building needs ?

You have seen the awesome power of this software. So what are you waiting for? Just click the add to cart button down below and lock in the price. Remember if you skip this offer you will be charged $79 if you decide to buy it later. The price is going to stay for a very little time. Read more…

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