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WP-MLM is the Worlds only MLM WordPress Plugin which turns your site into an automated expanding forced matrix MLM recruiting system for any business opportunity in MLM, Multilevel Marketing and Network Marketing.

WP-MLM - Forced Matrix MLM Downline Recruiting Plugin For WordPressClick To Visit Site…This Downline Builder Script WordPress Plugin Builds Your MLM Downline Using a Forced Matrix Recruiting System…

You have seen hundreds of offers online about how to build a downline in network marketing, how to build an opt-in list, how to blog for MLM etc. These programs cost anywhere from $19 to $497 or more, depending on the product.

The funny thing is that half of these so called “Gurus” are just reselling some rehashed crappy PLR (Private Label Rights) product they purchased from some other so called “Guru” and have absolutely ZERO experience in network marketing. They are really just like modern day snake oil salesmen, pitching whatever is the hottest online marketing/network marketing buzz word of the moment.

I’m sure you have seen or heard about all these online recruiting “Gurus” who make it big in network marketing by recruiting gigantic sales organizations online only to find when that you try to duplicate their ‘system’ you can’t get the same results. What many of these “Guru” online recruiters don’t tell you is that they already have huge… OFFLINE teams which follow them to every opportunity they join. It’s pretty easy to send out an email to your list, isn’t it?

They really don’t need to create a system to get traffic to their recruiting site or even work on recruiting the same way that a networker without an existing organization does, because they already have group of people following them wherever they go who will join really any business they present.. They simply email their new site out to everyone who has ever joined a network marketing business with them in the past and get an instant downline within a few weeks of joining a new business.

Besides… they are already making money so it is far easier for guys like them to recruit a new rep, isn’t it? A guy making $10,000 per month in network marketing has a much easier job of recruiting new reps than a guy who is just getting started, right?

If your current or previous upline has actually helped you to build a sales team, congratulations! If you are like me, you know the truth is that after your sponsor gets your $100, $200, $300 or more sign up fee for the opportunity, you can pretty much bet the farm he or she is going to be running off to the next “recruit” promising the same thing to them, leaving you high and dry, again.

This is MLM’s dirty little secret… Most compensation plans are designed to create what is called “Breakage”, meaning that they are set up so the majority of members fail to get qualified, this allows the company to retain the commissions which would have been earned as additional profits. Network marketing companies know the majority of network marketers will only recruit 2.5 people on average, this is why you see so many compensation plans with 3 or more personal recruits required to earn commissions and why the higher levels of compensation require even more personal recruits to get paid.

Even forced matrix compensation plans leave you without a paycheck… Why? Because, if you don’t recruit enough new reps to qualify personally, meaning if you don’t sign up enough people “front level” to yourself, you will never qualify to earn commissions! You could have 10,000 people in your ‘downline’ yet not get paid because you never get qualified…

I’m just a ‘trenches trained‘ network marketer like you, I’ve been there and seen it… Read more…

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